Educational vision of Ibn Khaldun .. Education of the necessities of the human consensus and up to the quality of teacher education and the Queen of the learner

Of Education briefly constructed, dynamic work aims to refine and develop the capacity of human mental, spiritual and physical, emotional, and since that man also briefly is a manufacturer of civilization, the education necessarily becomes a civilized version of the work carries a great deal of importance.
And Ibn Khaldun is one of the leading thinkers who question Ulloa cultural importance, and over the foreseeable Altsthristi to read the history of the human incursion towards deeper to understand the dimensions of cultural givens, and the laws that govern it, and the process of starting, growing, singing .. And not by accident, then not just to complete the talk about each subject according to the trend of objective loose, as did many writers before him, or after, not like that the wide open spaces offered by the man to the issue of education in many of its people and their interests and activities, as long as The continuous pursuit of educational work at the heart of the cultural activity of the human community.
It gives us an analysis of good and a great deal of maturity, compared with the data of modern educational: the values ​​and objectives and content of education, modalities, methods, and the teacher learner, as he stood long at the (theory of knowledge) to be correlated with education, and provides at NSH vision of man from the perspective of Islamic education to him.
As the man is the son of the Islamic environment for flesh and blood and thought, the educational givens were not necessarily made ​​up of a substance of this environment and interfere with the fabric.
In other words, he speaks of Islamic education in particular, not the state of education again, the status or non-status, and try and try some of the researchers, since late last century and over the last century, to go as we have seen not on the level of education, but also on all levels of knowledge contained in the foreground.
The distribution of material educational over the introduction and spread down the six, but very busy here and less there, according to the nature of the door, or the chapter is talking about (in place) may relate perspective educational directly or indirectly, and may not be linked to its foundation.
Issued Ibn Khaldun in his view of man, and dealing with the educational vision of an Islamic therefore clear that object's unique place in the right place in the world.
It confirms and re-confirmed time and time again, the excellence of human thought that God has him, beating «view fractional of man, trader with all components: mind, spirit and conscience and the sense and instincts and body, without isolation or exile, separation or cutting, the human as created by God as wanted him to be .. It also confirms the inevitability of prophecies that God help the man out to discover the road, and the Urban Astkhalaffh in the world, and harness the world, his business cards and his Sunan, Almstkhalaf to this creature of God on earth, in order to able to continue his mission in progress, urbanization and construction.
These are the basic guidelines, or centers of gravity of the five that characterize Islamic concept of man, all other doctrines and perceptions, which emerge from the necessarily the nature of education that must be adopted to develop the capacity of this organism and enable it to perform its mission in the earth, and emerge from the features and the foundations of the theory of knowledge is characterized by the other situation from the other theories, extended range and overcome the phenomena of things towards a world unseen and subcontractors.
And holds the basic value of education at the forefront in terms of Ibn Khaldun was a necessity in the human consensus, and performance are needed to enable the group to verify the well-being and to live through the experiences and Trades, which expect to receive education. But that it is beyond all this Vigdo education need to accept what they came the prophets of peace and belonging to their calls. From the perspective of totalitarian Islamic overlooking the Ibn Khaldun on the value of education extends Vigdaa total includes the land and sky, life and afterlife of both and that is truly one of the most important features of Islamic education, but most important of all.
Stands Ibn Khaldun long «when the value of the work Tbermjh and confirmed in practice, educational learning and see the need of the necessities of construction, then it is his custom, addressed from the perspective of his vision of Islamic and reported it to say that the value of things, but measured by what made ​​the work, which is linked as well as between the principle of harnessing that shows him the book of God to man in this world, and where Tfattna and found the man give the work of great value as one of the basic means to achieve the task of rights in land and urban Astkhalaffh in the world to God and Huda was appointed prophets peace be upon them.
Even if the issues have reached the most direct link the educational process of education and found Ibn Khaldun provides good material, and stands and stops may be long or short at this issue or those issues of Education.
He saw the inevitability of a (teacher) as an essential in this process, both aimed at graduate scientists or artisans. Is not only a teacher but a good teacher is required to achieve the best result.We find Ibn Khaldun emphasizes the principle of the matter is clear and simple, but essential, because (as much as the quality of teacher education and the Queen of the learner), and so the teacher occupies its proper place.
The task exercised by the teacher is not room «qualitative», no work, a stand-alone does not require catalysts, it is the decree ranging from simple to complex, it is necessary to Kamali, and this requires time, and completed its causes, but following the lead of the group made ​​great strides in the attended and that the task of teacher education are not confined to this side or that side of things, only knowledge, but extends to include all aspects, ie, what is scientific and what is practical at the same time.
He considers education (among other crafts) as an art has to be knowledge of its origins and rules of order for a teacher who practiced it to perform its task in the required manner that confirms the (professional) teacher and practiced not just science, but is (approach) to connect different when the teacher from that , and varies from that of this generation.
And Ibn Khaldun know how it relates to the philosophy that art education level and between the urban environment that activates them. Proportional relationship between them and, where a group was highly advanced civilization advanced in the area where progress with the art of education and its market tunnel. He finds his chance for smartness and completeness in the environment of civilized because it offers broader areas of debate and controversy and dialogue in the spheres of science, and allowed by the friction and communication and give and take between the methods and approaches, there where shines the teacher and where he finds the students the teacher and literal translation of one who knows how to communicate to them the knowledge they require.
And education is not as Thfaza that learning is not memorization, but it is a realization on both sides of the mental abilities and to gain time in order to be able to ID in this field or the other. The absence of a good teacher deprives students of the opportunities for learning, and deprived groups to gain the time factor in the struggle for knowledge.
If Ibn Khaldun had previously stood at the borders of the relationship between the degree of urbanization and the level of general education and learning, it does not forget to refer to some of the vocabulary (assistance) which will help to improve the educational process in general. Including, of course, the multiplication of building educational institutions from the School and the angle of a mosque and a bond, including the suspension of Awqaf dissolved these institutions in order to run the operation successfully, and find the teacher and the learner's chances to overcome the preoccupation imperatives Vihrr them, security retirement system is certain, in order to devote himself to what is at stake: that of his profession and to this mission. Where There have been many endowments and guarantees, the greater the yield and the benefits of science, where many student and mentor their job and do good (and died markets thrived Science and seas).
Given that education means the delivery of the facts of knowledge between two parties, the Ibn Khaldun stand some time at the two types of formulas connectivity: the formula of transparency that are made ​​directly between science and the learner, and the written form, which is indirectly through their books and literature, is the formula most publicized and widespread because of that the author of knowledge Kkhozan more durable than the owner, and more ability to spread in the place. Thus, the role of the teacher is necessary at this level as well, including that Altdleaf need to have mastered his profession specializing in the delivery of his art, to the minds of learners.
And Ibn Khaldun made ​​about (the book) as one of the most important means of education, a middle way is flexible, and notes a good psychology of learning, capacity-mental to the learner one hand, he rejects the idea of the multiplication of authoring and download the curriculum more books dealing with one theme, because it impedes the student's collection and happens to have some sort of confusion, and mental, as well as he takes his time with no justification, and then that the different books in the article one means by Ibn Khaldun different ways the methodology in the presentation, explanation and reasoning, which leads to the negative aspects mentioned above and see, instead of entering into the details and particulars which repeats itself in different forms, to give the student the essence of scientific material and the broad lines without the urging of the brief in one book so that by that time and to gain mastery of basic knowledge of FAO of the material.
Which in turn denounces Baltlkhisat shortcuts in the literature and methodology and finds that, in turn, affect education because of the urgency in the briefing, which makes the material hard time focusing on understanding the many meanings of words is limited.
Do not forget the Ibn Khaldun to present his vision of rational learning, guardian reach the mind to the realities of things, calling for the learner to understand, but this activity is to be able to overcome Assaabh and Akabilh, and to carry out the meanings behind the blocked words and deductions industrial acts of thought (natural) directly in the facts Almstglqh down to the essence and meaning.
It also does not forget that singles out a chapter to the issue of scientific specialization, or professional, or Saikologith More precisely, he believes that if one shred career and established himself in, he may not then fluent in another profession.
In connection with the early stages of education, the so-called education of neonatal, Ibn Khaldun gives us the substance derived from the comparison of education methods and various Islamic and almost learn the Koran in common, and the basis of these methods across all levels of education early. The Koran, a book of this nation, and Hadiha and its manual, which is the Constitution of faith, and the Platform for movement in the world .. And education for the younger generations need to inevitable if I want this generation to be truly Muslim.
But the difference of between Egypt and Egypt, a school and the other, is the education curriculum, and here offers the Ibn Khaldun offer compared to this approach in teaching the book of God in both Morocco and Alanls, Levant, and the consequences in each of these regions.
And Ibn Khaldun, speaking for the content of education refers to two types of mental science, and transferred without neglecting the fact that the latter must be dealt with mental measurement and branching and diligence. As the man does not miss as well as to confirm here is his vision of Islamic and privacy of the nodule, similar to what was done in most areas of introduction fertile formats directly at others and indirectly Haana the other, as if responding to those who came in the centuries subsequent to bounce him from the uterus, which creates it, and lay it on the is the will of him in a circle (position) a strange hybrid.

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