Goals and objectives of Islamic education, foundations, characteristics and sources

Language comes in three meanings:
A - the increase and development. B - Growing and growing up. C - reform.
In the terminology:
Collection actions process and anecdotal, taken from the Quran and Sunnah or ijtihad in Doihma,
And exercised by a person willingly with another human being, in order to assist in the completion of aspects of its growth, and lightening preparations, and directing abilities, and organizing his energies, to be able to exercise activities, and achieve the goals set by Islam. 
The results are essential in the understanding of education:
1 - The right to breeder at all, is God the Creator.
2 - that the work of educator and Tal continued to find God's creation and, as he continued to the law of God and religion.
3 - The process of meaningful education, have their purposes and goals and objectives.
4 - Education plans require scalable, going where the work of educational, orderly arrangement according to the upside, with the emerging move from one phase to
Its aims and objectives
The immediate destination is the goal, the destination is the remote end, and researchers differ in the stated goals and targets, and they differ in determining the main objective of its ramifications. The right to education is a very pure slavery to God alone, he says: {I created the jinn and mankind except to worship Me Alone 56 and on the levels of slavery, each different from the other, according to what he had in his heart to the Creator, the Almighty. Satisfactory to God and slavery, with wings, Suite worship God alone, and the service wing of the Servants of Allah the face of God. And objectives of education should be achieved in the light of this purpose. Since the objectives are many and varied, it will limit ourselves to the general objectives, comprehensive and lasting, a progressive and coherent, integrated and consistent with the desired end, and under every target falls below a number of educational purposes and partial progress, as follows:
I / Muslim man building an integrated personal aspects.
II / build secure the best nation raised up for the people.
Third / building better human civilization Islamic.
IV / scientific construction of individuals and groups.
The building is recognized as a basis for the construction of the nation, that nation-building basis for the construction of the civilization.
I / building aspects of the integrated human being Muslim Personal
The fundamental aspects of growth such as:
- Growth of health / health education, prevention, health is strong.
- Growth of mental / mental education, the protection of the mind, development, configuration mentality.
- Achieving Building Belief / Education of belief, the belief is true, development, defending the faith, the correct view of the universe and life and after life.
- Achieving the spiritual construction / spiritual education (faith) commitment, worship, happiness.
- To achieve the social construction of ethical / moral education, the virtues and vices.
- Growth voluntary / Breeding will to face difficulties in life, psychological, other.
- Growth creative / creative education, mastery of the veneration of the Creator, the creature and his mastery in the areas of:
Moral creativity / creativity of the Creator.
Aesthetic innovation / improvement of everything a person does the work and deeds.
Intellectual creations / theories and the rule-making, solve the problems of individual and collective.
Scientific innovation / invention and the disclosure of scientific facts that have not been published has been detected.
Literary creativity / innovation in the statement, rhetoric, literary meanings and images.
Moral creativity / innovation projects for the good of the rebirth of the nation and society.
Artistic creativity / innovation in the technical field in order to achieve lofty goals.
Terms of the success of creative education.
- To detect trends and preparations and then direct them to the disciplines and professions.
- Preparation of teachers and educators with capacities in the fields of science and professional.
- Make exercising emerging innovations and skills, and achieve whatever is necessary to do so.
- Missions of people with skills to developed countries with legal regulations to find out the secrets of scientific and progressive.
- Bringing in professors skilled in innovation and faithful in all areas.
- Develop a spirit of creativity and attention to their working methods and ways.
II / build the best nation raised up for people
- The goal of building this nation from the Mission of the Prophet peace be upon him, and it was a good example of God's blessings in his life to peace and consciousness of this nation building process.
The qualities that distinguish the nation from the other is to be configured as follows:
- Composition of the Islamic faith are correct, the driving behavior under it.
- Composition of the Islamic moral good spirit, which drives people to compete.
- Composition of the spirit of true brotherhood, and the differences disappear except for the people of piety.
- Composition of the full awareness of the unity of life of the nation and the unity of interests of the public, Kalgesd.
- Composition of the spirit of submission of the Islamic regime, is the Rabbani regime in which prayers in the nation.
- Composition of the spirit of attachment to the Islamic nation, and the meaning of this altruistic interest of the nation and leave all that would show the strife and division that is tearing the nation, and the group is good.
- Composition of the spirit of social justice, they achieved a sense of love and equality, and injustice have a major impact in the ruins of the construction and fall of nations, and the general turmoil caused by the crimes and injustice.
- Composition of the spirit of sympathy and compassion, so that the nation Kalgesd.
- Composition of the spirit of cooperation and another and advise others, and the commands and prohibitions, it is enough to continue.
- Composition of the spirit of jihad and the struggle to protect the nation and the publication of the invitation.
- Composition of the spirit of excellence and scientific progress in all areas, and not as it is doomed to failure and delay.
III: Building a better human civilization, Islamic
And Islamic Civilization is the progress of society and Islamic superiority, both moral and material in all areas, in the spirit of the finest, and so very finest in the light of Islamic principles.
And all the progress and excellence without spirit and without end is not a civilized progress and is critical in three things:
- Save civilization from collapse.
- Advancing the progress of civilization.
- Civilization Steering toward a higher goal and purpose of its finest.
Islam requires of civilization, God called on Muslims to be higher than the other faith, preparation, preparing {But if they incline to peace! Mohammed 35 {and do not become weak nor grieve! Al-Imran 139 {Prepare} Anfal 60 and there are conditions educational building of Islamic civilization.
- Should clarify the picture of this civilization and its elements and their values, their methods for beginners.
- Must be convinced of the importance of generation of such a civilization, value and necessity and it is the best way to build the nation.
- Must be clear to beginners that the establishment of this culture need to be a tremendous effort and struggle.
- Should bring up a generation of sacrifice, effort to build a civilization.
- Generation and upbringing should be directed to innovation, manufacturing and master the skills as needed.
* Established
1 - the intellectual foundations 2 - foundations of worship 3 - legislative basis
The intellectual foundations of the Islamic view to:
Rights ... The universe ... Life
Reality and the origin of created ... Creature of God ... Its principle by making house test
Makram is a creature ... Undergoing laws of God ... Qualities in the eyes of Islam
Mukhtar is a distinctive ... Trajectory the power of God
Ability to learn ... God was
Msalath and reward ... Harnessed to humans
Great job (of worship)
Worship foundations
Prayer + fasting + zakat + Hajj + other acts of worship
Dhikr + Ritual + Advisory + Justice + pride + repentance
- Must focus on the goal of civilization and that the goal of humane gentleman, a very high religious purpose, serving the religion, it is the best way to spread and sovereignty.
1 - it is linked to the texts of the Qur'an and Sunnah, and diligence in Doihma.
2 - both ends of human beings, are likely to be large, or large and small, and this is likely.
3 - it is a deliberate and tidy, does not prevent that occur across the positions of unintended consequences.
4 - it is comprehensive covering all aspects of the growth in the individual's mental and physical, psychological, social, health, spiritual, moral, and all the abilities and potential.
5 - it continues with the rights in all stages of its growth, since its formation until his death.
6 - it is targeted to enable the rights to carry out the activities and practices that achieve the goals of Islam and its objectives in building the individual and society and civilization.
Legislative basis
Islamic law the basis of the great foundations of education a statement of the faith, worship and life systems, the paint for the Muslim image of a logical integrated everything, and give him the rules and regulations of conduct and the provisions of law for all ages and times, and the street is God in His Book and His Messenger, peace be upon him in his Sunnah.
Sharia congenital officer of the individual, self-censorship, sell, view, hear, eat.
Officer and social systems of the commands and prohibitions, cooperation and another and advise others
Officer and political systems of the Muslim state, and make her policy and provisions of the Constitution Vtnfz the canon of the establishment of borders and the establishment of calculation and the call to God and the establishment of incubators education.
Islamic education is different from other educational systems in the underlying sources, which are two types:
1 - revelation of the Qur'an and Sunnah.
2 - diligence and research, in the light of Quran and Sunnah, and purposes of the law, and from the consensus, measurement and relation to the first, and from the plaudits and the interests of sending and plug loopholes and custom, which is linked to achieving the interests of people.
The former is a pure transfer, and the second purely opinion.
And strive to be here, do their best Muslim scholars and their energy and their abilities to understand the Koran and the Sunnah of the concepts or perceptions, or issues related to the fundamentals of Islamic education, and the dimensions of the educational aspects of the system to them.
What is meant by scientific research, scientific studies or experiments, or field applications, which was linked to the educational process of education, and contribute to achieving the desired objectives, or contribute to raising the level of educational performance and actual, is a scientific research endeavor in light of the interests sent: a source of legislation Islamic and the public its findings to the provisions of the results, does not depend if they are contrary to the provisions of the Koran and the Sunna, or opposition to the purposes of the law and its purposes, and therefore may not be the name of scientific research accepted educational systems coming to the Muslim community, and contrary to the Quran and Sunnah and purposes of the law.
The diligence and research, has had a significant impact in the development of Islamic education, and enrichment, on the hands of some Muslim scholars, where they wrote in some of the issues of education, education, son Sahnoun and Gabes, Ibn Abd al-Barr, al-Ghazali and Alzernuggi and the son of the group, Ibn Khaldun, al-Nawawi and al-Khatib al-Baghdadi, Ibn al, Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn al-Qayyim .
And educational aspects in the areas of endeavor:
- Discuss some of the issues, views and educational principles.
- Expanding the establishment of the Islamic educational institutions and diversity (schools - houses scientists - the caliphs' palaces - the role of books - the role of wisdom - ligaments - the corners.
- The emergence of scientific libraries, public and private.
- The diversity of subjects, such as science, logic and language of astronomy, geography, history, geometry and algebra, nature and medicine.
- Different methods of teaching, depending on the judgments of teachers and their educational institutions.From the beginning and the end.
- The growth and variety of teaching methods, lecture and Kalmnazerh and spelling, and experimentation in the experimental sciences and applied. It should be noted that the first and beatings are the Qur'an and Sunnah, it was a wonderful style of the Qur'an and unique advantages in education, so «was created peace be upon him Quran».
The year came to explain what in the Quran {And We sent down to you the Book Table 48
To show legislation and the manners of other {and teaches them the Book and wisdom and praise them [al-Baqarah 129 a year.
Therefore, he said peace be upon him: «I am not muster the book and others like him».
And this became the personality of the Prophet peace be upon him full educational model for humans.
Are many and varied, and perhaps most important, most notably the following:
1 - the method of dialogue Quran and the Prophet
In a question and answer + answer + divided the prayer / devotional + male after verses + repeating the phrase, Inevitable + Do you know what backbiting + emotional, "Have you thought about the water" - the story of the Prophet peace be upon him with the Ansar + controversial / first star.
2 - Education and the Qur'anic stories of the Prophet
3 - Education beat Proverbs
4 - Education by example "Muhammad peace be upon him" and from the tradition
5 - Education, practice and work, ablution "act Osman" + prayer story abuser + said sleep, al-Bara istikhaarah (also teaches Sura) repeating the saved + corrected + questions applied.
6 - Education Balabrh and beautiful, and the difference between them
What matters is the human psychological condition reached significance Kalaattabar to know the stories, and the creatures of God and grace, and historical incidents, and is meant to reach the human intellectual conviction to the order of things, doctrine, and is subject to the law of God.
And beautiful is the recall to soften the heart Kalnsah and the statement of the truth, and the reminder of death and disease and on the account.
7 - Education, carrots and intimidation:
Valtrgab accompanied by the promise and the lure of granulation, compared to an act or leave. Holiday, intimidation and death, compared to an act or leave.
In the Western education they call the "reward and punishment."
And raised at these emerging emotions, good or bad, in moderation and balance, do not go too far into sin Mgtren mercy of God, do not despair of Nasrallah and his mercy on the grounds that the whole society indulged in sin
Its arguments:
1 - The Mosque: The first work done by the Prophet peace be upon him when he presented the city that built the mosque of Quba 'and then a mosque of the city, is that which includes diaspora Muslims, and consult it to achieve their goals, and was a starting point for armies, and shop for the education of science and learning, and so while rocking calamities Muslims , it is operating from the mosques. It is considered one of the greatest influences.
2 - Muslim family: that is, wives, and should be on the religion and to create and care about their reproduction ... and have the limits of God in their family, and be familiar with Islamic education. And interest of the child from birth until death.
3 - School: The mosque is the first school of collective organization to learn which people in the day and sheltering them at night, "the adjective" Mosque of the Prophet peace be upon him, and in the days of Omar grew up in the mosque Qur'anic of children, on Friday is a rest in preparation for prayer begins noon Thursday and after independence of States appeared schools. And the first school built in Islam, the people of Nishapur, and moved that the idea of Khorasan and Iraq to the Levant and Egypt, then spread.
4 - Muslim Educator: Educators and the Imam is Muhammad peace be upon him, and function of self-endorsement, and away from evil, and education of the faithful.
5 - the community: is attributable to God and the laws governing the organization of society, and be a good compromise to get him.
6 - school activity:
7 - Islamic educational methodology: a plan drawn by the objectives of education for the benefit of the school and the teacher.
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